CPD Thing 1: Why CPD23?

I am a soon-to-be librarian just starting to make serious headway on my dissertation for the MA LIS programme at UCL. It looks at Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes and her role as a female innovator in botanical illustration. Not surprisingly, it also reflects the things I am interested in professionally: historical bibliography, illustration and science. I would love to be a subject librarian for a scientific field, or work in an art library, or work with rare books in some capacity. I still have a lot of thinking to do about my career, but I did recently decide on an ultimate dream job: librarian at Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. I know it doesn’t fit with all of what I said above, but I was an English major and love seventeenth century literature.

The decision to participate in CPD23 was pretty easy for me. I had been contemplating starting a blog when I went to New Professionals Information Day at CILIP and heard Bethan Ruddock talk about getting involved. CPD23 was just the motivation I needed to actually do it. For me, blogging is primarily about practicing writing. I love it, but suffer from a severe lack of discipline sometimes. CPD23 will keep me accountable while making me think about lots of things that are important to me. Plus, I will hopefully get to meet (albeit virtually) more librarians through this exercise, and librarians make awesome friends.


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