Thing 2: Meeting the neighbors

Approaching others has always been hard for me, in real life and virtually, so Thing 2 was a challenge for me. I try to read library blogs and library news, but am more of a lurker than a contributor. I know this stems from a lack of confidence. For some reason, I always doubt my thoughts are valuable or unique. In real life, this means I will always choose a one-to-one conversation over a group setting; virtually, this means I rarely contribute to discussions. I once apologized to someone I hadn’t met for tweeting at her, then realized that being able to contact people you don’t know personally is Twitter’s key advantage! Anyway, I am aware that this could affect my career negatively, so Thing 2 is an excellent step toward overcoming this fear.

I loved looking at everyone’s blogs. There are some very clever titles on the list and I did tend to gravitate towards those at first. I also browsed a lot of different categories: Germany, charity, higher education, rare books…my favorite thing about Thing 2 was finding out more about librarians who don’t do what I do. I think it’s interesting to see what traits are shared among all librarians and see what differences emerge in different settings. Unfortunately I had some commenting issues (I can’t seem to post comments to Blogger at the moment), so only left one comment. It was at In Which… a cleverly written blog with posts about 19th century pamphlets and food (including a recipe for garlic cheese biscuits, yum!). Sounds good to me.

Some other blogs I will be looking at include:

Trials of the Midwest Librarian I live in England now, but I’ll always be a Midwest girl at heart. Hopefully this will keep me up to date on what’s happening in the library world over there.

The Annotating Librarian A fellow procrastinator. I’m glad CPD23 will be keeping us both accountable.

Quotidian Opus I chose this for the title; a close friend has the word quotidian in her blog title, so I think it’s a sign of quality.

Love in the Library I’m looking forward to reading about the experiences of an Israeli librarian. Very intrigued to find out about any cultural differences/similarities. It’s also very well written.



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6 responses to “Thing 2: Meeting the neighbors

  1. Hi there. I have the exact same problem as you. Just jumping in makes me feel like I’m being pushy or nosey or just plain rude. I’m hoping the further I get into my degree (and this cpd program) will help encourage me to be more outgoing.

    Looking forward to more of your “things”.


    • Thanks for saying hello, Jess. I think my course has definitely helped me gain confidence, and I’m sure yours will do the same for you. Looking forward to reading your thought over the next few months.

  2. sabines23things

    I completely relate to your first remark – I am also more a passive reader than an active contributor. Hoping that CPD23 will be a great support and motivation to change things. 🙂

  3. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog post and could really relate to your comments about being more of a lurker than a contributor and to the lack of confidence. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts as we make our way through CPD23 🙂

    Linda aka Quotidian Opus

  4. Gemma

    Hello, your blog post is really good, and I could really relate to the one to one rather than a group situation. As I child I always had a “best friend” – wanted to be part of a “group” but never was, a lot to do with confidence. I stop mid sentence because I think people will find what I am saying is boring. Hopefully doing this will help with everything, good luck.

  5. Wow. I am also a read, but not comment person. It’s amazing how we just hide in the shadows till someone comes out and says something that we find applies to us as well as them. It might be an introvert thing, but who can tell?

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