Thing 5: Reflecting on CPD23

Having kept a journal for years, I am used to private reflection. Reading the CPD23 post on reflective practice was therefore a huge “Duh!” moment for me. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to record reflections in a professional context before. Until I started this blog, I was unlikely to share these, but I think the process itself is helpful. I wish I had reflected properly after submitting some library school essays! I liked Borton’s “What? So what? Now what?” model best, though I generally found that theories on reflective practice boiled down to critical thinking + critical action.

In this post I will reflect on CPD23.

What? (Recall it)

For the past month I have been carrying out various tasks designed to help me learn more about the tools/methods I can use to develop my career. Each task, called a Thing, is meant to introduce me to programs or tools that might challenge me at first, but will ultimately help me do my job better. Things have included creating a blog, using Twitter, learning about in-person and online networks and considering how I represent myself.

So what? (Evaluate it)

I’ve learned a lot more than just how to use tools during this process. Because the program is online and there is such an emphasis on networking (Thing 2 was meeting your neighbors, which introduced the theme nicely), I think the biggest thing I am taking away is that librarians really want to engage with each other. There’s so much sharing of information & discussion of ideas. And I think this is wonderful! I don’t contribute much at the moment, but it’s very encouraging. The program has really built my confidence.

Of course, some things have been easier for me to do than others. I particularly struggled with Things 3 & 4. My inability to cope with Thing 4 certainly points to my personal weaknesses. I’m old-fashioned in a lot of ways and, while I’m good at using computers, I don’t like to spend very much time on them. Thing 3 was just a huge concept I hadn’t considered much previously, and I am still thinking about it.

Now what? (Apply it)

I am trying to be more consistent about my use of Twitter & am trying to get more involved-tweeting at people & participating in at least one week of #uklibchat. I’m also thinking more critically about my online persona. I’ve made a few changes to Twitter, but don’t have the time right now to do a complete overhaul to everything. Dreaming in the Stacks was actually a provisional blog title that I feel got stuck when I started CPD23. I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep it. I have a Google Reader feed now, which I check when I remember it’s there.

I mentioned earlier that CPD23 has boosted my confidence, and that’s definitely what I’ll be using the most.


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