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Thing 9: Evernote

Unfortunately, bookmarking is not one of my strengths. I don’t use Delicious (though maybe I should look into it) and of course bookmarking everything interesting/useful I read would mean it would get lost in a sea of websites.

That said, I quite like Evernote. I believe I will continue to use it for both professional and personal purposes when CPD23 finishes. The biggest advantage, and perhaps most unique feature, of Evernote is that it is accessible both on and offline. I don’t have consistent Internet access at home, so it’s nice to be able to see things I found noteworthy in one place when I get back home. Since I’m also in the middle of a job search, I’ve found another great use for Evernote: making sure I have consistent access to contact information for my references. In the past, I’ve started an application on my laptop, then gone to uni to print it only to discover I’ve left off a phone number or some other minor detail. I’ve now started a notebook specifically for job information, and put all that information there so I don’t need to waste time searching for it.

This leads to another feature of Evernote I like, which is the ability to create notebooks. Delicious doesn’t seem to offer this, though there is of course the option to create tags. However, tags may ultimately be too unique to categorize things; Evernote offers the ability to create large categories, e.g. cataloguing, while still using tags, e.g. name authority. I find this really helpful and can see myself creating several notebooks for hobbies and for the different aspects of my job.

Other CPD23 participants have called Evernote clunky, and I can understand this. It’s not great at representing websites. This is not a big issue, unless the website has graphics that are significant to the content.

A visualisation of the state of Missouri, as captured in Evernote

Unfortunately, I think that a lot of the sites that are most helpful from a professional perspective would fall into that category. Evernote clearly isn’t perfect, but for now I think the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages.


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