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Thing 8: Google calendar

Before I started my calendar, I looked at the article describing what libraries have done with Google calendar. It was pretty impressive, especially what those universities in Hong Kong have done! I will definitely try to find a way to use it in my workplace.

However, I don’t have much use for a Google Calendar on a personal level at the moment. The biggest advantage to a browser-based calendar seems to be that it is accessible from multiple computers/platforms. However, I only use my laptop, and I don’t have Internet access on my phone. I must admit I like the sound of getting a text when my library books are nearly due, but all three of the libraries I have books on loan from send me an email anyway. For now iCal, a paper diary, and TeuxDeux cover my scheduling needs and I don’t see any new advantages in Google Calendar. I’m quite lucky to have a great deal of control over my own time. I prefer to schedule by morning and afternoon–I might, for example, research how to criticize photographs in the morning and travel to London for a visit to a library in the afternoon. The specific time doesn’t really matter. (This is why I can use TeuxDeux as a scheduling resource.) It won’t be like this forever, and I probably will revisit Google Calendar when I have to use multiple computers or have less flexibility in my schedule.


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