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Thing 10: Ways into librarianship

Now that the dissertation is out of my hands, I’m looking forward to catching up with CPD23 and hopefully doing some writing for fun.

Thing 10 is about how we got into librarianship. I must admit that when I started library school last September, this was one of my biggest insecurities. The graduate trainee scheme that operates in the UK is brilliant, and I assumed most of the people on my course would have completed one & therefore have lots more experience than me. (N.B. I also applied for lots of traineeships, landed one interview and failed to get the position. I probably brought some baggage with me to library school.) However, I was really surprised at the range of backgrounds represented. Even the traineeships varied a lot. Ultimately, though, I still ended up feeling like my route into librarianship was more representative of American than English librarians. Librarians on both sides of the pond tend to fall into the profession, but as always, there is a little more deliberateness on the English side.

So here’s my story:

As a teenager, I was interested in a few careers,  but when I graduated from high school I thought I had settled on becoming a magazine editor. It only took two years in journalism school to realize I didn’t want to work in that industry. (I wonder if being voted most shy in my class despite being editor-in-chief of the yearbook was a sign?) I was much happier after I switched to an English major, but the switch did make me completely aimless in terms of career. Librarianship did occur to me then; I worked part-time at my university library the whole time I was there, and two of my summer jobs were in a library. I was pretty resistant to the idea at first, though. I am still in many ways a stereotypical librarian, and I think I was even as a kid. I hated the idea of going to a reunion and hearing people say, “Oh, I knew you were going to be a librarian! You always had your nose in a book!” I wasn’t prepared to admit it was actually the ideal career for me until I graduated. By then I had met more librarians & was so impressed by their ability to find out absolutely anything, and the fact that they always seemed to be such interesting people. I also realized it fit with my interest in helping others and is essential for supporting education, which I have always believed is important.

I finally began pursuing librarianship in 2008, applying for traineeships and looking at library schools. I had an interview for a traineeship, but failed to get it. That was a pretty hard moment for me & I did end up taking a year off while I waited to hear from library schools. It was good to have a gap year to travel, and I chose to work as an au pair in England for that year.  I was accepted to 2 US schools before my contract ended , but ultimately decided that I wanted to stay in England. I went back to Missouri temporarily, where I took a couple of library science classes at the University of Missouri, before coming back to England in 2010 to do my MA at University College London. It’s been a convoluted and stressful process at times, but I have to say it was worth it in the end. I am so excited to finally be a professional librarian, and I think UCL provided a lot of opportunities I might not have had elsewhere.


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